Jackson Hole Airport Closure Spring 2022

The Jackson Hole, WY Airport will undergo a temporary closure April 11th through June 27th, 2022. The closure will allow for runway reconstruction and additional projects at the airport. The airport will be closed to both airline and general aviation operations requiring visitors who wish to visit Jackson Hole by air to find alternative transportation opportunities during this period.

Jac’s runway is in need a full reconstruction. The last time the runway was fully reconstructed was in the 1970’s.. The asphalt runway at JAC has been rehabbed four times since it was originally constructed in the late1970’s and it is due for a total reconstruction in the spring of 2022 which will include a 78-day runway closure.

For your convenience, the Jackson Hole Chamber has compiled a detailed resource on alternative routes to Jackson Hole so you can get the most out of your experience. This guide includes both ground and air alternative transportation routes.


Photo Courtesy Jackson Hole Chamber

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