Elevating your housekeeping in Jackson Hole.

Luxury Properties Jackson Hole performs housekeeping to the highest standard. Our reliable housekeeping department follows strict quality control measures. We provide a seamless experience for the homeowner. LPJH employs a dependable team of vetted and trusted housekeepers. Our housekeeping team comes equipped with their own cleaning supplies and vacuum. Our team is accustomed to dealing with high-level finishing and is knowledgeable about appropriate home care.


Below you will find our standard housekeeping checklist. Please keep in mind that this list can be customized to fit your needs.

Walk the exterior of the home to ensure it is free of trash
Wipe down patios and thresholds
Clean grill
Sweep and mop the garage
Empty all trash and rinse outdoor trash bins
Remove perishable items from fridge and pantry
Clean all appliances
Clean under sinks
Clean and organize kitchen drawers and cabinets
Clean out fireplace and make new fire
Dust entire home thoroughly
Wipe down glass and mirrors
Clean smudges and scuffs on walls
Clean lint filter in dryer
Vacuum and mop entire home thoroughly


In addition to standard pre-arrival, post-departure, touch-up, mid-stay, weekly, or monthly cleanings, our team is equipped to handle seasonal deep cleanings that include, for example, cleaning of windows and screens, cleaning under major appliances, cleaning in mechanical rooms, garages, etc. Along with our trusted services providers, we can also coordinate high dusting, exterior pressure washing, professional laundering of bed linens, and dry cleaning.  If there is anything else you need, just ask!

Please contact us for more details.