At Luxury Properties Jackson Hole, we aim to make home ownership easy and carefree.

Sit back, enjoy Jackson, and let our trusted team of caretakers maintain your house in top-notch, working order. LPJH has established, working relationships with a well-rounded mix of reliable service providers, which ensures your home receives the care and attention it requires. So while you’re away from Jackson or out enjoying all Jackson has to offer, rest assured your home is in good hands.

Every luxury home is unique in design from aesthetics inside and out, to how they operate and what systems that are the core of their infrastructure. They all have common challenges from extreme and variable weather, to how a home is and utilized, and how you prefer your home is cared for. Our team has extensive experience maintaining, servicing, and supporting the valley’s most high-end homes. Some engineered mechanical and electrical systems that we regularly support include:

  • Heated driveways
  • Automatic gates
  • Motorized awnings and shades
  • Elevators
  • High-end, multi-trigger alarm systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Wells and water purification systems
  • Hot tubs, swimming pools and swimming spas
  • Wells, Ponds and stream systems
  • Roof systems with management needs especially preparing for and going through a winter season

More than experts, we give you visibility into the maintenance of your home through a best-in-class dashboard. See maintenance schedules, track work orders, and plan ahead for preventative care that your home needs in our dynamic environment. Each home undergoes a regular customized multi point inspection that is fully documented with notes and photos. 


Elevating your housekeeping in Jackson Hole.

Luxury Properties Jackson Hole performs housekeeping to the highest standard. Our reliable housekeeping department follows strict quality control measures. We provide a seamless experience for the homeowner. LPJH employs a dependable team of vetted and trusted housekeepers. Our team is accustomed to dealing with high-level finishing and is knowledgeable about appropriate home care.

We know that everyone has a preference for what feels clean and calm. We’ll work with you to align on the types of products and specific cleaning routines that you prefer. We can accommodate odorless, allergen free, and green cleaning supplies to your exacting preferences.


We have a multipoint checklist and digital app system to ensure the highest standard of  housekeeping and attention to detail. We customize the cleaning and caretaking regime to your specific request and the needs of your home. Our goal is preventative care and maintenance to avoid costly and untimely surprises.


In addition to standard pre-arrival, post-departure, touch-up, mid-stay, weekly, or monthly cleanings, our team is equipped to handle seasonal deep cleanings that include, for example, cleaning of windows and screens, cleaning under major appliances, cleaning in mechanical rooms, garages, and more. 

Along with our trusted services providers, we can also coordinate high dusting, exterior pressure washing, professional laundering of bed linens, and dry cleaning. We are experienced with the unique architecture of luxury homes, including hard to reach beams, windows, fixtures, and mechanical systems like spas and saunas.